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milli in its natural environment

milli in its natural environment

Designed to be invisible: milli's appearance has been carefully considered such to increase the user experience. Constructed from high quality materials, milli looks natural in a bed environment and will not be misplaced during the night.

milli under-pillow alarm internals

milli under-pillow alarm internals

The milli Under-Pillow Alarm contains five haptic motors to wake the user in the most comfortable way possible on a daily basis, while guaranteeing they will be woken up in an emergency.
With built-in force sensors, milli can also accurately track your sleep cycle which can be viewed on the milli app.
Being battery powered, the Under-Pillow Alarm can operate wirelessly to ensure an undisturbed nights sleep and remain invisible, even as an enabling product.

milli functional and aesthetic prototype

milli functional and aesthetic prototype

A fully functional prototype of the milli Under-Pillow Alarm was hand made to test proof of concept. Equipped with 5 haptic motors and constructed from suede and padded mesh, the prototype is a highly accurate representation of the concept both physically and functionally.

milli prototyping

milli prototyping

Electronics prototyping was used in abundance to ensure proof of concept.

Zach Rigby

I believe design should be used primarily as a tool to fully define a problem and understand the user.

A user-centred process leads to a user-centred solution. My time at Loughborough Design School, TU Delft and IBM iX has taught me this powerful lesson and I strive to keep it at the heart of all my design work. I enjoy letting my research findings and creativity take the wheel on the path to a solution while meticulously exploring all possibilities along the way, whether they are digital or physical; the difference is in the detail. I have plenty of experience working in diverse teams, collaborating and sharing knowledge while working towards a common goal. I am curious, and am often surprised at how much can be learned through everyday conversation with others. Having started my career in the world of UX I am keen to grow in all aspects of Design and excited to continue doing meaningful work towards real-world problems.

Final year project

Improving the effectiveness and safety of night-time alarm systems for those who are Deaf or hard of hearing


'20 Diploma in International Studies
Awarded to students who successfully complete an overseas study exchange as part of the Erasmus scheme.

'18 Academic Excellence Award
Awarded in recognition of being the Highest Achieving Product Design student in the Design School for Year 2.

'18 Winner, Andrew Simpson Sports Enabling Trust Inclusive Design Award
Awarded as part of the Universal Design module at Loughborough Design School in a competition to design an inclusive sports related product for students at a local RNIB college. The award includes a bursary to see the product through licensing and into production.


Selected Intern for IBM Team Leader and Kiosk Manager Role at Wimbledon Championships 2019.
This included:
• Showcasing the technology IBM implements at Wimbledon which brings the Championships to life, to fans and clients on the grounds from IBM's Technology Garden.
• Training and Managing a team of 20 fellow interns who carried out tasks showcasing IBM's technology, providing hospitality to IBM clients through a concierge service and providing tech support for security gates around the grounds to ensure the Championships ran smoothly.
• Working with and reporting to Senior IBM and Wimbledon staff.


September 2018 - February 2019

Interaction Design Student, TU Delft

February 2019 - September 2019

User Experience Design Consultant, IBM iX