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Smarties Packagaing Redesign

Smarties Packagaing Redesign

National Star Pack Bronze Award winning packaging design.

William Fuller

Runners often do not know when the correct time is to replace their running shoes because they are unable to detect midsole wear. Midsoles are the most important part of a shoe for absorbing impact forces, therefore when a runner runs in a worn out shoe they become more susceptible to injuries.

I enjoy the process of designing, creating and building new products and services. My studies at Loughborough have provided me with a wide array of skills my favourite being UX, computer aided design and model making. While working for ChargedUp I got to develop my skills further by working on an extensive number of project for major brands and venues in a fast paced environment.


Student Starpack Bronze Award 2015

July 2018 - September 2018