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IV Assist - exploded view

IV Assist - exploded view

The device contains all the necessary components to process calculations and deliver guided advice to the user. This includes wireless communications, drug detection capabilities, and mixing functionality.

IV Assist - technical prototype

IV Assist - technical prototype

A fully working prototype was produced to validate the functionality of the device and to allow users to provide feedback on their interaction with the product. During testing, this feedback was implemented into changes within the code and helped greatly in building a more robust program.

Herd - mobility in a crisis

Herd - mobility in a crisis

Herd is a service that helps communities to mobilise in a crisis. It does this by providing a platform that encourages action through personalised warnings and advice, and community resilience through shared help and resources. Herd was entered as a team submission into the Ford Smart Mobility Challenge.

Herd - digital free experience

Herd - digital free experience

During development we faced the issue of accessibility across different demographics and so designed two physical cards to enable a digital free experience. These cards were optimised for visually impaired users by utilising large font sizing, high contrast colours and braille.

Tom Sussex

I'm a multidisciplinary designer, motivated to use my technical skills to create products that solve everyday problems.

I'm most excited about work that engages an engineering mindset whilst stretching me to work beauty into user interactions and details. After undertaking a year researching and designing for the healthcare industry, I'm passionate about pursuing a career in medical design, as I am keen to design products with a meaningful impact on our society and planet.

Final year project

Improving patient safety by reducing IV related medication errors


'20 Overall Winner of the Ford Fund Smart Mobility Challenge
'20 Diploma in Professional Studies


'18 Design School - Student Committee Chair
'20 Christian Union - Publicity Coordinator


August 2018 - August 2019

Product Designer, 3form Design