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User personality

User personality

To progress this product further custom grips can be designed and ordered by the user to allow them to express themselves and feel more comfortable incorporating this life-saving device into their day to day life. This image highlights a tropical fade grip that will be purchasable from launch to try to increase uptake of LifePen.

Designed for life

Designed for life

Anaphylaxis is, unfortunately, a condition that people live with throughout their lifespan, so it was important to design LifePen to fit within people's lifestyles. This image highlights how it is meant to fit into your day to day environments yet stand out so it can be found at a moment's notice.

Adobe Creative Jam, AirShare.

Adobe Creative Jam, AirShare.

Airshare addresses a brief set by Adobe & AirBnB to create a platform where friends and family can record memorable stories in a collaborative manner. Users are known as adventurers and they all work together to create adventure boards, filled with memories.

MyHub modular speaker

MyHub modular speaker

A brief supplied by Seymourpowell challenged students to produce a concept for a household product; enhanced by modularity. MyHub combines a portable speaker, headphones, and a home stereo system into one product.

Stay home, eat noodles.

Stay home, eat noodles.

A personal project took on at the beginning of isolation. Part of a render weekly challenge, the stay home, eat noodles kitten mug challenged rendering and branding skills to try to inject some happiness into Instagram followers lives during the bleak time of isolation

Thomas Birch

Hi, I'm Tom and I design with purpose and good intention to change peoples lives!

I am extremely creative yet concise, with the ability to challenge briefs and always leave things better than how I found them.

My work is a unique blend of industrial design and ergonomic principles. Design Ergonomics has given me a diverse outlook on design, providing me with strong visualisation and concept generation skills as well as the ability to truly understand my user and the problem they are faced with. Anything I produce has a clear purpose but also appropriate and strong styling.

My final year project is testimony to this. 'LifePen' identifies and addresses serious issues with existing auto-injectors (EpiPens) ensuring that the process of use is clear for all ages but also provides a package that allows users to customise their pen, understanding not only the academic issue but also uncovering the desires of the user, taking this type of product to the next level.

I have understood the importance of both disciplines throughout my degree. I have ensured gradual development of each, I am experienced with Keyshot, Solidworks and the Adobe Suite, as all effective design graduates must be but have also equipped myself with unique skills that allow me to graduate with an edge. For example, I am experienced in human modeling software, human-computer interaction, user experience design.

I have recently been extremely interested in the development of UX design. It has been interesting to see this industry grow so rapidly and I have enhanced my Sketch and Adobe XD skills accordingly.

As an individual, I enjoy keeping active and fit. Maintaining a healthy social life is very important to me to ensure I can develop not only as a designer but as a person. I enjoy team sports, specifically Ice/Inline Hockey having played for Nottingham University Ice Hockey Club and LSU Roller Hockey throughout my university years.

To potential employers, I believe I should be considered an Industrial Designer with a specialism in ergonomics, desirable as I can offer additional skills and knowledge which can be hard to find elsewhere.

Final year project

Intuitive Epinephrine auto injector


Between the years 2018 - 2019 I had a fantastic opportunity to join an ice arena marketing team for a year as a marketing assistant.

The company exists within the Nike Group, responsible for the running and maintenance of well know Alpine facilities across the UK.

My responsibilities included the development of marketing strategies for the facilities to attract new and maintain existing business, the development of concept graphics required for marketing campaigns, and maintaining brand identity across all facilities.

I also had the fantastic opportunity to learn how to maintain a Zamboni Model 526 Ice Resurfacer at the weekends which satisfied my hands-on drive and fulfilled a childhood dream!

Throughout this year I also had the opportunity to work as a freelance graphic designer for Nuvola Distributions and Bracknell Ice Skating Club. Producing graphics for events, advertising elements of their products, and establishing brand identity.

My year out provided me with not only valuable graphic design development but also a wealth of life experience which I will continuously draw upon in the coming years.