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YǓ – interaction

YǓ – interaction

Downloadable educational games grow with the developing knowledge of the child and employ trusted therapy techniques to increase positive interactions between the child and their peers or caregiver.

YǓ – accompanying app

YǓ – accompanying app

Parents find tracking the learning and progress of an ASD child difficult; The accompanying app allows identification of areas requiring more support and enables sharing of key information with teachers.

YǓ – electronics testing

YǓ – electronics testing

When a child presses the tummy alert button due to feelings of anxiety or possible ‘meltdown’, a host of electronic environmental sensors collect data about potential personal triggers such as heat, noise and location, helping build a pattern for prevention. A wearable heart rate monitor tracks the child’s pulse where spikes can predict meltdowns, allowing preventive measures to be put in place.

Pyr – environmental

Pyr – environmental

The device was designed with repair and end of life in mind - internal components are easily accessible, and eliminating mixed materials increases ease of disassembly at the end of the product’s life span. The concept itself would also allow multiple people to occupy the same room with personalised optimum temperature preferences.

Pyr – user focus

Pyr – user focus

Pyr’s placement was designed to be flexible and allow it to be worn under clothing if desired. The spine and rechargeable battery belt can be removed to allow the user to wash the fabric in contact with the skin in with their normal wash. Smart data learns users’ personal preferences such as temperature and timings, accounts for weather and other environmental factors, making the product predictive and proactive.

Tamsin Nicole Brierley

As a designer, the transformation we can generate though our roles is phenomenal, and nothing excites me more than being able to apply the playfulness and sincerity of my personality to my work in this industry as an agent for new user experiences!

My name is Tamsin Brierley and I pledge to be a champion for change making a positive personal impact in any role I undertake.

Through my work, I hope to display a level of honesty that resonates with consumers. I aspire to create products that will have a positive impact on peoples’ lives through engineering innovation. Inspiration should begin with frustration, and that is where I tend to find motivation for my work– necessity is the overriding factor for improvement.

Throughout my time at University and my year in industry I have grown in confidence, knowledge and ability, acquiring a breadth of design tools that I can call upon to develop contemporary solutions. I place great importance on design iteration and feel that the functionality should be valued above all else. I take particular interest in UX, concept generation, and human centred design and have had experience working in all these sectors. I also thoroughly enjoy pitching to clients and the many facets of marketing as the design comes to fruition.

I am very eager to learn from those with industry expertise and in return provide a fresh perspective and drive to aid progress within the business. In my career, I am open to a variety of different design-based career paths, and hope to eventually experience working as a freelance designer or run my own consultancy!

Final year project

Supplementary aid for children experiencing adversities linked to autism spectrum disorder


'20 Diploma in Professional Studies
'19 Urbis Schréder - Winner of Strategic building redesign for UK headquarters
'16 Starpack Award - Highly Commended


Having worked in six different customer-facing roles, including Bailiffscourt Hotel and Spa and Goodwood house as a Supervisor for hospitality events, I am comfortable managing my own time and working efficiently as part of a wider team. A key aspect of this role was the ability to train staff and inspire group cohesion. I am proud to have worked three jobs simultaneously to fund myself through my University degree.

Whilst working for Urbis Schréder at their UK Head Office I enjoyed applying my acquired knowledge as the sole product designer on site. I had the opportunity to work in roles across the company primarily within the bespoke projects and marketing teams. Projects varied greatly - spanning site redesigns, pitching concepts to prospective clients, designing and manning showcases as the public face of Schréder at industry shows and expositions, and re-branding company sectors. Seeing my designs being installed throughout the country has been a humbling experience. I put myself forward for the strategic building redesign for UK headquarters, creating a 3D model of the site, and developing a pitch using graphical elements and a virtual walk-through of my proposal, which was voted on by the entire company. I won a substantial financial reward and was thrilled that near the end of my placement, some of the functional and aesthetic refinements of my design had started to be implemented! I was offered a permanent position after graduation by the CEO of the company in a bespoke role, however I am seeking wider industry experience.

I have recently been working freelance with Focus group as a UX Designer, developing the Graphical User Interface for a web-based Customer Relationship Management system to company application Brand Guidelines. I also gained valuable work experience at the Disney Store Europe, Middle East & Africa Head Office under the Project Leader for Europe and was asked to keep in contact for possible future career prospects.

Volunteering is also a significant part of my life. I was elected in 2017 as donor recruitment coordinator for the Anthony Nolan Charity. The position included planning, booking venues, running events, volunteer management, designing merchandise, and creating an online presence for the charity across a range of media to promote events.


July 2018 - August 2019

Product Designer, Urbis Schréder

March 2012 - March 2012

Work Experience with Creative Design team, EMEA Head Office, The Walt Disney Company