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Balance: breathing lights

Balance: breathing lights

The exercises can be chosen by the user themselves or by a family member, friend or doctor, using the product app or website. The back light pulses to help the user control their breathing throughout each exercise; when the band is being stretched and the user should be breathing in, the light pulses red; when the band is being released and the user should be breathing out, the light pulses blue.

Balance: support bar

Balance: support bar

If the user chooses to mount their product on the wall, the optional balance bar can be slotted into the main frame to provide extra support if required.

AeroPress coffee machine

AeroPress coffee machine

A collaborative project to design and build a functional electromechanical coffee machine prototype, using C-programming and a range of mechanical systems.



Plonk reconnects families by bringing traditional games and technology together; encouraging everyone to put their phones away for some real ‘family time.’ The product can be used with physical board games but also has a range of virtual
boards to select from, which are displayed using the projector.

Sarah Everett

I am passionate about design and creating solutions; focusing on the functional and technical details.

In all my work I have tried to think 'outside the box' and enjoyed getting hands on with the project in the workshops. Throughout this course and my year in industry I have gained a range of design skills in 3D prototyping, CAD, app design, electronics and mechanics. I am a conscientious worker with a strong attention to detail. I am excited to start a career in design; building solutions to real problems.

Final year project

Encouraging an active behaviour change amongst older people through balance and coordination exercises


'20 Diploma in Professional Studies


July 2018 - July 2019

Design Engineer Intern, SharkNinja