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CIO - app

CIO - app

CIO is accompanied with an app. The app tracks your oestrogen/hormone spikes to alert the user when to use the product and how often. The app is a personalised tracker which uses GPS tracking to advise users when they may encounter their triggers i.e. grass, pollution.

CIO - prototyping

CIO - prototyping

The device is easily held in the hand and comfortable for user to hold for the required period of time.

Reecia Richardson

I am a highly organised individual who enjoys finding creative solutions to problems.

I enjoy designing products and services to fix societal problems that focus on sustainability. I believe that design is the vessel through which creativity can become reality. I define myself as a creative individual who has particular interests in sustainable and UX/UI design. The projects I work on aim to improve the lives of users without having a harmful impact on society or the environment. Upon completion of my masters, I strive to work in a forward thinking design team which focuses on the emphasis of sustainability where I will be able to grow as a designer.

Final year project

Improving the the quality of life by providing a relief system for women who suffer from Rhinitis


'18-'19 Creating innovative media content to inform students of different minority cultures and events for the Loughborough University Ethnic Minority Network. Producing event poster designs as the media officer for Loughborough Universities Your Sound Society.