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User experience

User experience

As part of a user experience project, an app was developed that would encourage student's donations to food banks by giving them an option to donate within their budget. The design was tested with the target user and improved upon.

Rebecca Dunn

I have focussed on postural supportive equipment to enhance a child's early life.

Disabilities such as cerebral palsy cause misread messages between muscles and the brain, meaning muscles contract repeatedly. Long sitting is where a person is sat on the floor with the legs abducted and the pelvis tilted forwards. This encourages the muscles to relax and reduce the chance of them becoming spastic. The aim of this project is to develop equipment which can position the child whilst enabling the child to interact with others.

Enhancing the opportunities of others stands firmly in the centre of my beliefs. This project allowed for the continuation of skills developed through the year in industry at Jenx Ltd.

Final year project

Assisting in long sitting for children with disabilities whilst enabling social interaction and play


'20 Diploma in Professional Studies


September 2018 - September 2019

Design Engineer Placement Student, Jenx Ltd