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User experience design

User experience design

User journey mapping was conducted to understand how students shop, and create a focus on areas which students, and other consumers, have problems. An emphasis was placed on the desire to live a zero waste lifestyle, combat with the challenge of staying within budget and a limited time slot.



The app design focuses on the future of supermarket shopping and the push towards zero waste living, the design encourages the link between planning online and the in-store experience. The app tracks the goods purchased by the user through AI technology. Zero develops methods to improve the users' sustainability rating and encourages a change in behaviour and habitual responses.

Rachael Matterson

As a design ergonomist, my goal is to drive a user centred approach of design, committed to understanding how users will interact the design, with a key interest into behavioural and safety based design.

Throughout my studies I have undertaken a diverse range of modules from Inclusive Design to Advanced Environmental Interactions. The main goal which surrounds the majority of the projects completed is the study of human behaviour and how to adapt to behaviour through design. This goal stemmed from a keen interest into the cognitive function of humans, combined with the desire and passion to understand how different individuals approach the same problem. Using my interpersonal skills, alongside my analytical and problem solving ability, I am able to derive functional and user centre solutions to the issues presented.

Final year project

An investigation into the prevalence of musculoskeletal injuries among dentist: are practitioners compliant with best practices?


'20 Diploma of Professional Studies


Having completed my industrial placement year at Cummins Inc. as a placement Ergonomist. This role mainly involved overseeing ergonomic improvement projects which were undertaken by the manufacturing and safety teams. Design modifications were made at work ensuring ergonomic guidelines were met. Further effort was put into designing an ergonomic training package for the new employees on induction to Cummins. The position developed my understanding of real world ergonomic problems and introduced to me the challenge of employee resistance when implementation of Ergonomic best practices'. Although the position was challenging the role enhanced both my ability to work across multidisciplinary teams, enhanced my leadership skills and ability to engage with non-compliant staff members.


August 2018 - August 2019

Safety and Ergonomics Placement Student , Cummins Inc.