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INVISION - see more

INVISION - see more

Twin lasers project information on to the visor, which is then reflected in to the rider’s eyes. A series of lenses collimates the light, making the information appear in the distance. Freedom from conventional equipment allows the rider to immerse in the challenge of riding, while being provided with more information than would otherwise be available.

INVISION - freedom integrated

INVISION - freedom integrated

Parkinson's disease self steadying cup holder

Parkinson's disease self steadying cup holder

Parkinson’s disease and Essential Tremor cause the individual to involuntarily tremor and lose control over motor
functions. The function of the product is to allow the user to use their own drinking vessels, while dampening shaking experienced by the drink. This reduces spillages and increases the confidence of the user in performing the simple task of hydration.

Modular sports recovery device

Modular sports recovery device

The modular leg recovery device has interchangeable modules for different use scenarios. The user is able to use them as an elbow crutch, or by changing the module, can fit the device to their leg to act as a walk-on splint.
The user would use the elbow crutch module for short distances or around the house, and the splint for walking longer distances.

Merlin Lindsay

I believe true innovation is the key that can successfully democratise social and economic mobility to solve problems people are resigned to live with.

In the last year of my degree the driving factor for me has been the burning desire to advance further in the sphere of computer-based products. I have grown to realise that in order to bring ideas and designs to fruition at the highest quality, many that could be essential to our increasingly complex environmental needs, one must have a deeper understanding of the inner workings of these creations. My practical training and experience has been in physical product development along with software development studies. Combining these skills and observations, I want to see the future products I work on enable, enrich or empower the way people can live responsibly, while improving every user’s quality of life. All of which brings me on to study a Masters course in Computer Science.


Can good design be quantified?

Final year project

Head-up-display navigation goggle for adventure motorcycle riding


'20 Diploma in Professional Studies.
'16 Design Award.


'17 Dreadnought Tiles.
'16 Ramair Filters.
'15 Tin Horse.


June 2018 - June 2019

Product Designer, Sebastian Conran Associates