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Melvin Raju

Product Design and Technology

Spirometry test

Spirometry test

Using the accompanying app, users are able to follow the on-screen instructions to fluidly move through the process of taking a spirometry test. The device automatically tracks what stage of the test the user is at and communicates it wirelessly to the app.

Insightful results

Insightful results

The app collects the data from the spirometer and aggregates it to provide the user with an easy to understand analysis. The data can be sent to a doctor over the internet for further evaluation if necessary.

Melvin Raju

Driven by innovations in technology, I find myself as a designer wanting people to experience the full potential of new advancements and experience them in a visually alluring way. Whether this is in a physical form or digital service, the user experience must be at the forefront. With skills in computer-aided design, 3D printing, electronics and a deep understanding of user interface design, I am able to take on a variety of projects. I am always looking for new and intriguing opportunities, so feel free to drop me an email and let's talk!

Final year project

Improving lung health monitoring by encouraging the utilisation of a smart spirometer


'20 Diploma in Professional Studies


MOTIONTAG, an urban mobility tech startup based in Berlin, focuses on bringing intelligence to urban mobility creating a seamless traveling experience.
During my time as a visual designer at MOTIONTAG I took the opportunity to re-design multiple elements of their portfolio. One of the biggest challenges I faced was to design an app that collects user mobility data using machine learning. The difficulty arose from the need to maintain a high user retention rate in an app that continuously collects user data. This meant that the concept and design of the app would need to be enticing enough for the user to be comfortable to keep using it. User interface and user experience design were heavily practiced during this process, improving my knowledge with every decision made. I was also able to work on projects for companies such as Deutsche Bahn, Telefonica NEXT, and many European transport authorities.
Working in a small technology startup as a designer also presents unique opportunities. Having to work flexibly with business and development teams in parallel was an insightful learning curve for which I have picked up many transferrable skills. Also undertaking tasks outside of my knowledge base such as data analysis has deepened my passion for tightly integrating design with technological innovation.


October 2018 - September 2019

Visual Designer, MOTIONTAG GmbH