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Ludic · re-associating the dopamine hit from notifications

Ludic · re-associating the dopamine hit from notifications

‘Ludic’ uses haptics to re-associate the hit of dopamine released by the brain when we receive a notification. By replicating the sensation of a notification and linking it to the presence of a friend, we learn to associate our social value with our connection to others, rather than our phones.

ProQuo · overview

ProQuo · overview

‘ProQuo’ is a service which allows gig workers to cope with economic shock, before they are forced to choose debt, by facilitating the exchange of their skills for financial aid from friends. Funds transferred between parties are used to generate revenue through investments, with profits being used to provide tangible benefits to both parties, at no cost to either.

ProQuo · service scenario

ProQuo · service scenario

The service can be used as a one-off to avoid taking on debt, or long-term to build stronger financial security.

ProQuo · system behind the service

ProQuo · system behind the service

The service hinges around using funds transferred between parties for investments. Profits from these investments are used to sponsor training for service users, providing a pathway to specialisation and long-term security. Profits are also used to sustain the service itself, meaning no users are charged for access.

ProQuo · insight

ProQuo · insight

The service is built off the insight that you are more likely to give a loan than accept one. When facing financial trouble, social stigmas make us reluctant to turn to our friends for financial aid, though they'd often be happy to provide it. ProQuo removes this stigma and evens the exchange by giving gig workers the freedom to earn financial support through the resource they have in abundance; skill.

Matty Hodgkins

Good design is derived from insight and research, breaking down complex webs of human behaviour to create actionable pieces of information. I’m interested in how design can be applied to create services and solutions at all levels of the human experience; from small to societal.

My work focuses on understanding and distilling complex problems. By gaining an informed view of the big picture, solutions can be designed to address problems at their core, rather than create an end of pipe fix.

My value as a designer comes from my researched-based design process and ability to work through issues in discussion with others. I have a strong skill set in the design fundamentals, which serve to facilitate this design process and the execution of the solution.

My aspiration is to find a role where I can practice and develop my design process, in collaboration with others, to help build services and solutions which tackle genuine human needs.

My Adobe Creative Types are the Dreamer and the Innovator.

Final year project

A cooling device for transition into warmer climates, as a preemptive solution to increased demand for air conditioning


My project 'ProQuo' has been shortlisted for the 2020 RSA Student Design Awards, within the brief 'Just about Managing'.
I was notified at the end of April that my project had been shortlisted and I am currently awaiting the result.
The judges noted that my project was selected because it showed an in-depth understanding of the hardships gig workers face and for finding an intelligent solution to the key issue identified.
'20 Diploma in Professional Studies


August 2018 - September 2019

Product Designer, LAPD Consultants