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Design week - assembly

Design week - assembly

With all components stored in the guitar there is no need to be carrying around additional wires and attachments, making travel with this guitar a more enjoyable experience.
The amp can be played both in the guitar or by a wireless connection to the amp stand. There remains a jack socket for connecting the guitar to existing amps which are not wireless compatible.
The ability to change these attachments for different ones or to change their position on the guitar leads to a highly customisable design to suit all needs.

FireLight - aesthetic prototype

FireLight - aesthetic prototype

This prototype was made to test the interactions and ergonomics of the design. It houses a wizard of oz electrical indication system that is used to highlight the devices status.
Produced without workshop access this device includes, steam bent oak and 3D printed parts as well as internal metal and electronic components.

FireLight - scenario of use

FireLight - scenario of use

In this project it was important to be able to user test virtually. Using animations gave me a great insight into users understanding of the product as well as being able to give them a full understanding of the product remotely.
In this animation you can see that the end cap of the product is removed revealing a spanner and funnel, the animation then proceeds to show the refill method. This would have been very difficult to show users without the use of animation.

Martha Farnworth

Current home fire extinguishing devices are taken from industry. They are outdated, bright red, single use containers with poor ergonomics. As such they are unsuitable for the specific needs of the home and its users. This design’s improved internal structure has separate gas and powder chambers, ensuring easy refill and maintenance as well as improving the ergonomic experience, allowing all users to activate and control the device easily.

As a designer I am interested in the details of how the product works. I like to develop new mechanisms and internal systems that allow for a better user interaction, method of use and manufacture. I enjoy working in CAD and producing renders of my designs. I would like to go into consultancy work so that there are always new projects, areas and challenges to learn about and improve.

Final year project

FireLight: improving fire extinguisher use in the home


'20 Diploma in Professional Studies
Deloitte Digital Uxathon, Best prototype. - A UX design competition hosted by Deloitte digital where I was part of a team tasked with working on a brief from the Hong Kong University Business School.
Student Starpack Awards, Shortlisted. - I produced a packaging design to meet the GPI brief 'Health in a hurry', winning a shortlisted position in the Starpack awards.


Freelance work - Imperial sailing. Design and manufacture of aft camera mounts for improving on water coaching. Successful product launch at METSTRADE Amsterdam, now with a range of 12 mounts shipping worldwide. Product marketing involved a semi-viral post on a sailing Instagram page. I continue to work with this company.
Work experience - NPD graphic design- A week long placement with the graphic design team at NPD Design consultants.
Young Enterprise, Regional winner. This competition involved setting up and running a business professionally for several months. As a team we made a final profit of £3000.


September 2018 - February 2019

Erasmus Exchange , Technical University Delft, Netherlands.

April 2019 - September 2019

Intern , V2 Studios / Vitamin