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Jonathan Barron

Industrial Design and Technology

Modular hair straighteners

Modular hair straighteners

This pair of modular hair straighteners were created to provide an alternative to buying multiple hair treatment tools, something that can become extremely expensive. Utilising magnetic connections, power is transferred from the body into the plates whilst remaining easily removable, making it simple to swap between attachments as and when needed.
Heat sink inspired panels on the plates help to dissipate heat quickly, preventing burning when removing hot attachments.

Modular hair straighteners

Modular hair straighteners

Power and temperature can be easily controlled with flush, rubberised buttons and monitored via the embedded touch screen, making it clear exactly when the irons are ready to use or safe to be put away.

3D printable food subscription service concept

3D printable food subscription service concept

This future facing concept looks to a time when 3D printing food becomes more common and there is a need for healthy, nutritious meals at the press of a button. Users select from meal recommendations based on their diet and overall health information they provide and the packages are delivered at suitable intervals. These packages would simply plug into a food printer, where the contents are printed into any shape the user desires, promoting personal expression through food and changing the way we look at meals.

Jonathan Barron

I love to get stuck into projects with a hands-on approach, creating things quickly, working iteratively to develop from physical items and see designs come to life in front of me.

For my final year I have chosen mainly to focus on designing items that I felt would really allow me to show my skills off as a designer but also projects that would challenge me and push me to learn more. I chose to focus my main project on swimming because I have a lot of experience in the area, having been a swimmer for a number of years. By choosing the project I hope to have addressed the issues I had when training without the constant presence of a coach as well as issues other swimmers face now. My main strengths lie in hands-on design and practical skills like rapid prototyping using a range of materials as well as having an eye for detail. I learn visually, picking things up quickly by seeing and doing and I love to get stuck in wherever I can. I enjoy experimenting with new technologies and love to make things in my free time, something 3D printing technology has really helped me do more of. Looking into the future, I would love to be involved in creative projects as part of a team, perhaps within the art or sports industry, working with like-minded individuals to bring designs and ideas to life through a range of media.

Final year project

Providing in-water swim analysis and feedback to accelerate correction of technique and form based error


'20 Diploma in Professional Studies


During my placement year I was fortunate enough to work for a number of companies, exposing me to a wide variety of work environments. Whether working in a team of 4 in a startup or at multi-million pound global businesses I was always facing new challenges everyday and had to learn to adapt quickly.

Furniture Project Designer- InnGear - 6 months
I formed part of a small design team responsible for interpreting floor plans, sourcing furniture and tabulating project information fed down from project managers. The role often involved creating and drawing up specifications for custom furniture by hand, developing my drawing skills. Over the course of the 6 month period I was responsible for over 40 large projects, working with some of the UK's largest pub and hospitality chains. My time here taught me a lot in terms of organisation and multi-tasking, with up to 6 projects going on at once I had to learn to adapt to the workload quickly, prioritising tasks across each to ensure all deadlines were met. The work environment was fast-paced and efficiency was key. Being able to work quickly whilst maintaining high standards was very important. It also taught me to delegate tasks to others when necessary, avoiding errors that could lead to work having to be re-done or cause confusion in other areas of the business.

Graphic Designer - Winterbotham Darby - 2 months
Working with the design and marketing team, tasked with creating fresh packaging concepts for a new line of vegan meat alternatives sold in major supermarkets across the UK. Also responsible for design and production of various display elements for oomi noodles a the The Allergy & Free From Show London 2018. These included the main show booth and a branded sampling fridge. I was also a brand ambassador over the show weekend, acting as a face for the company, interacting with thousands of members of the the public. This experience was great to build on my social skills and learn product information quickly ensuring I was well informed and able to answer any questions people may have.

Creative Designer - ChargedUp - 5 months
Working within a small start-up technology company as part of design and marketing team of 4-7 people, I was responsible for creating promotional material such as beer mats and flyers as well as custom app activations and social media content. I had the opportunity to work with some of the world's largest brands including pub chains, multi-national corporations and drinks companies to create custom, promotional integrations within the ChargedUp service. This experience allowed me to develop both my design and professional skills very quickly and working within a close-knit team towards common targets and business milestones was incredibly rewarding. From creating vector based artwork to working with 3D modelling and printing to create a new ChargedUp unit, this job was different every single day and being able to see some of my own work on display around the country for the first time is something I will always remember.


September 2018 - February 2019

Furniture Project Designer, InnGear

March 2019 - May 2019

Graphic Designer, Winterbotham Darby

May 2019 - September 2019

Creative Designer, ChargedUp