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Aeropress coffee machine

Aeropress coffee machine

AeroPress coffee machine is designed to be compact and practical. The actuator pulls from the base to reduce overall footprint; The casing protects the user from moving parts and splashes.



This image shows how the two hoists would be setup with a squatting rack



The wood and metal form for this razor was inspired by Japanese sushi blades, designed to last a lifetime.

Gym accelerometers

Gym accelerometers

My final year project started out as a way of tracking repetitions and sets in the gym with a device that could be magnetically secured onto existing weights. Bringing an old gym into the digital era.



The top of the coffee machine was designed with an Archimedes screw housed in a clear tube to allow the user to see their coffee being dispensed.

James Robinson

A passionate designer who thrives on both collaborations and individual design tasks.

I love getting feedback from my peers and colleagues, allowing me to bounce ideas around and ultimately improve my designs. I am a personable designer that can quickly find my feet in new situations.

I have been told I am an original thinker and tenacious about deriving the best solution by working the problem thoroughly. I am creative and a strong team player.

A strength of mine is SolidWorks; it's software that I am always discovering new capability with. My problem solving and ideation is strong; I aspire to have a career that regularly presents problems that challenge me and requires me to work within a passionate team to overcome.

Final year project

Enabling gym users to safely bench press without the need for a safety 'spotter'


'20 Diploma in Professional Studies


Artform was a fast paced company that made POS units for makeup brands. The work was very heavily SolidWorks based and required a high degree of accuracy consistently. I particularly enjoyed working with the prototype facility there, trying to get cost per unit down for plastic inserts.

Teaching students design and technology in china was a valuable experience that improved my communication skills and understanding for different design styles.


August 2018 - August 2019

Development Designer, DCI Artform