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Jack Robert Boddy

Industrial Design and Technology

Bringing your "Kodak Moments" to new heights!

Bringing your "Kodak Moments" to new heights!

The objective of this project was to design a portable camping stove under the Kodak brand, that fit with the aesthetic of its existing products and seamlessly integrated into its product lineup despite the divergence of product usage from photography.

The project was enjoyable as a clearly defined brief allowed for a more focused design process, and working towards integrating an unrelated product to an established brand posed an interesting challenge.

Jack Robert Boddy

The aim of this project was to develop a highly practical piece of equipment to improve both the offensive and defensive capabilities of western military forces in combat situations.

Largely developed as a concept through sketch work and refined for hypothetical manufacture in CAD the device designed for this final year project was a significant challenge relative to other projects undertaken whilst at University.

At the beginning of the academic year I would argue CAD was one of my weaker skills, with sketch work being my preferred form of design communication. It became clear quite early on though that improving my abilities with CAD was a priority if I were to succeed in bringing to life the vision I had for the project. So enjoying a challenge, I relished the opportunity to learn and improve my skill set, so that I could successfully develop the design without compromising on form.

With greater complexity in forms and component compositions becoming more feasible and achievable as the year progressed, I am ultimately satisfied with the journey this project has taken me on with regards to improving my weaker design skills and allowing me to exercise my existing strengths to their fullest.

Having constructed a well developed CAD model with Solidworks, taking to Keyshot and rendering it to resemble a lifelike product in use was in itself incredibly satisfying and a fitting end to the project overall. Not just the fact of seeing the concept in a now finished state having started as a sketch but observing how far I had come with a skill I had deemed too challenging to effectively master in the time given.

I hope to utilise these skills both new and old in a future career, and continue to learn to become a better designer as time goes on.

Final year project

Safeguarding military personnel to look beyond cover


'20 Diploma in Professional Studies


Have had experience at BP HQ in London as an intern exercising administrative skills finding and handling data and partaking in market research. The time spent there provided insights into working life with the daily commute to London, working in an office environment with professionals and networking with other interns being what I would deem important learning outcomes.


August 2018 - August 2019

CAD Design Intern, Aston Martin