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Passive RFID technology

Passive RFID technology

A passive RFID chip requires no power of its own but instead gains power from the readers, preventing the need to change batteries or charge the goggles.

Helping passengers enjoy taking the train

Helping passengers enjoy taking the train

A station platform module that uses data from incoming trains to prompt an inflatable flower display, inspiring users to move to areas on the platform where arriving trains will be emptier.

Organic pathfinding

Organic pathfinding

An LED root system moves people to areas of the platform that will help them get a seat on incoming trains to reduce crowding on both stations and trains alike to increase the efficiency of the rail service and improve customer satisfaction.

Flower displays

Flower displays

Imitation flowers displays use air-blown stems to inflate and bloom into life in certain areas of the platform that will be good areas to wait for the next train, while units situated in areas of the platform that have become heavily congested will deflate and wilt. This helps communicate to waiting passengers how likely they are to get a seat on their train where they currently are.

Fred Bennett

I am a hardworking and attentive designer who relishes problem solving through iterative design. I love getting hands on with projects and investigating problems to find creative solutions that make people's lives more enjoyable..

I have always enjoyed being creative, and for me there is no greater enjoyment than using my skill set to solve problems that have the potential to make people's lives easier or more enjoyable. As designers, we have an ever increasing responsibility to do design well and I personally look forward to being able to use my career to have a positive impact. I am a hardworking designer and enjoy ideation sketching and modelling, while I have found that being well organised in the design process helps drive improvement as ideas progress and develop. I gained lots of valuable experience while out on placement and feel comfortable taking on responsibility and making decisions.

Final year project

RFID safety glasses


'20 Diploma in Professional Studies


July 2018 - January 2019

Junior Project Manager, Inn Gear

February 2019 - June 2019

Product Designer, ID&C Wristbands