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FREMO is a smart IOT food tracker allowing users to scan food through a device and track it through an app. Both open and unopened food can be scanned through chemical gas sensors and barcode scanning in order to reduce household food waste.

Efua Adjeiwaa Boakye

My final year project on endometriosis which is a condition where tissue grows outside of the uterus on other organs, as this tissue is not released during the period cycle it leads to inflammation which causes severe pain in the body. An estimated 1 in 10 women in the world suffer from this condition. IUVO is a wearable device that can alleviate the pain experienced from endometriosis and also enables users to track their symptoms in order to personalise their pain relief.

I am passionate about design and believe the user, their needs and experience should be the core and constant during the design process. My aim is to design innovative products which consider sustainability and add value both to the users life and in the world. I look forward to learning and gaining more experience in the future to allow me to grow as a designer.

Final year project

A pain management and monitoring system for people living with endometriosis