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RED - streamlining blood type identification

RED - streamlining blood type identification

RED, an IOT medical device allowing paramedics to identify blood type on scene, for a streamlined emergency response and relieved demand on dwindling blood banks.

Cycle bus facilitation kit

Cycle bus facilitation kit

A community led, habit building product, service system proposal which encourages parents, statistically most likely women, to make cycle escort trips with their children to and from primary school. This creates healthy attitudes for all as they age. The kit includes all resources necessary, including width creating wings, to establish a safer environment for all to travel.

Three mobile Snapchat filter

Three mobile Snapchat filter

When working as a Creative at Wieden+Kennedy, Three mobile set my creative partner and I the brief of creating a festive Snapchat lens which will debut on Christmas day. With less than half of Brits buying Christmas cards, it’s fair to say the traditional method of spreading your festive well wishes is on the decline. To bring the Christmas greetings to the 21st century, we conceptualised and designed a Three branded card for a Millennial/Gen Z audience. In 24 hours, the lens had received 15.1 million impressions, surpassing all benchmarks for the platform.

F1 promos

F1 promos

After each race of the 2019 Grand Prix, myself and a small creative team at Wieden+Kennedy were tasked with creating a 30 second highlight promo, including fan serving humorous twists. With a three day turn around, the fast paced process included editing, sound design and VFX.

Ed Sawford

59 million small electrical appliances are purchased in the UK each year. With a short life expectancy of 2-6 years, we currently recycle less than a third of these products, resulting in precious and often toxic non-renewable resources ending up on landfill. Designing out appliance obsolescence ultimately improves longevity through removing all electronics, designing for physical and emotional durability and personal repairability.

Hey, I’m Ed. I’m a multi-disciplinary designer and creative, who strives to express myself through the outcomes I produce. Continuously pushing my own boundaries, my strengths lie in conceptualising solutions, iteratively developing designs, communicating effectively through storytelling and converting insight into a tangible outcome. I aim to create meaningful solutions and am always eager to learn more, approaching briefs with an open mind.

I am not averse to taking risks, whether that’s through working on innovative projects, or my passion for board sports such as snowboarding and surfing.

Having worked in a professional capacity at two leading multinational companies in the field of design and advertising, I have gained invaluable experience which I continue to draw from and hope to utilise in a future creative design career.

Final year project

Rethinking heat based appliance longevity using a single heat source


'20 Diploma in Professional Studies
LDS Sponsorship for RSA Design Awards
3x Rotary Young Designer Award - runner up


Employed by both Quarterre and Wieden+Kennedy after interning, I have worked professionally in the industrial design, graphic/packaging design, advertising and film-making industries, creating published work for F1, Three Mobile, IKEA and LEGO.


October 2018 - November 2018

Design Intern , Quarterre

November 2018 - May 2019

Creative , Wieden+Kennedy

May 2019 - August 2019

Designer and Videographer, Quarterre