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T w e n t y T w e n t y
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Thread is a modular plug designed to be multifunction in use.
It can be used as a normal charging plug in the night but also be used as a portable charger on the go

Thread (detail shot)

Thread (detail shot)

Pouchie & Boxee

Pouchie & Boxee

Pouchie and Boxee is a two-part product that helps children above the age of six to learn good money habits, these products are accompanied by an app for the parents to control and overlook the entire process.



Pouchie gives the child the tactile and tangible feel of digital money in the modern world the child is able to take Pouchie wherever they go and are able to use it as a wallet.

Craig Pereira

I’m a hardworking, creative and highly adaptable industrial designer who aims to improve experiences and solve everyday problems with well-reasoned solutions

The best way to fall asleep is to slowly transition to a tranquil state of mind. Modern society hampers this process by constantly exposing us to light and sound before bed, which disrupts our circadian rhythm. Reducing the impact our surrounding environment has on our sleep is essential in getting good quality rest. PULSE solves this by facilitating good sleeping habits and relaxation techniques. A large part of my design work is about becoming a better designer - more mature, more accomplished and more technically skilled. I need to keep challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone.

Final year project

Helping students transition into a sleepy state of mind by facilitating a calming environment.


'20 Diploma in Professional Studies


August 2018 - August 2019

Industrial Design Intern , Designworks Windsor Ltd