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L | E | V | E | L

L | E | V | E | L

Throughout the whole project an emphasis was placed onto prototyping - solving problems via physical prototyping. Overall for the project in excess of 20 models were created and learnings built upon for improvements. This modelling process is an invaluable way to gain rapid feedback from users and make informed decisions.

L | E | V | E | L

L | E | V | E | L

The three-module design comprises of a central processing unit and two individual reservoirs. Utilising current Continuous Glucose Monitoring technology LEVEL aims to provide an all in one platform for type 1 diabetic athletes.

L | E | V | E | L

L | E | V | E | L

A focus on the internal optimisation of this product led to a drastic decrease in product footprint throughout renditions. The miniaturization of this product was key to achieving an industry competitive device.

L | E | V | E | L

L | E | V | E | L

Microneedle technology is ever improving and focuses on delivering vaccines or medication – with the most popular application being transdermal drug delivery. This technology was leveraged in this project to allow for the delivery of insulin without the use of a soft insertion cannula or other, more intrusive, methods.

L | E | V | E | L

L | E | V | E | L

Alongside physical interaction prototypes, electro-mechanical prototyping was utilised. These prototypes served to create functional 'proof of concept' models and allowed for real life debugging of internal components. The system monitored a changing input and reacted dynamically to address the change.

Charlie Hargreaves

I am an enthusiastic product designer aiming to provide disruptive solutions to industries through a grounded, methodical design process.

L | E | V | E | L is a project about improving the experience for type 1 diabetic (T1D) athletes. During my time rowing at competitive standards I came into contact with many T1D athletes. The routine these people had set – of which was the normal to them – was massively impressive, but ultimately, a big hinderance. This involved carrying multiple sources of food, insulin, and other medical equipment on to every training outing. This commitment to pursue their best, at whatever cost, was extremely inspiring.

The project required a variety of skills to be completed. Ranging from user research and problem identification, through to concept generation, and finishing with detailed design for manufacture. The project stretched all skill areas, pushing the boundaries on my current skill set (and sometimes patience), and provided me with opportunities to learn new skills.

Ultimately, I was able to take on a challenging and rewarding project which enabled me to produce a dynamic solution - to an ordinary disease - for extraordinary people.

Final year project

Enhancing insulin management for athletes with type 1 diabetes


'20 Diploma in Professional Studies


Cambridge Consultants:
During my time at Cambridge Consultants I was involved in a large number of client facing projects and given large roles to play in delivering disruptive technologies and products, to globally recognised brands. Primarily my role was involvement in product development and engineering – creating manufacturable, grounded solutions to clients' briefs. I also ventured into other fields, such as animation, app development, microfluidics, and management of projects. The experience as a whole gave me a safe setting to build my confidence, and interact with real clients, on real projects.

Kingsmead Associates:
Prior to my undergraduate studies, I worked as metal fabrication assistant at Kingsmead Associates. My responsibilities involved preparation, manufacturing, and finishing of products, within the scene of mainly classic car restoration. A highlight client project involved restoring a 1924 Rolls Royce Doctors Coupe. This project spanned 12 months and involved a full chassis rebuild, section manufacture and high-quality paint finishing. This work provided me with the grounding knowledge in manufacturing processes, time management and client relation management of which I was able to build upon for my undergraduate degree.


July 2018 - September 2019

Product Design Intern, Cambridge Consultants