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Vela Band - sensor technology

Vela Band - sensor technology

With in-built sensor technology, the mother can accurately and efficiently monitor her baby’s movements on a daily basis throughout pregnancy.



Plugg is a smart drainage solution, designed to reduce water waste in the household. It allows users to monitor their water usage and subsequent wastage. Paired with an app it encourages behavioural change and aims to promote a more sustainable mindset towards water usage.



The aim of Plugg is to change user behaviour and attitude around water consumption with the incentive to help the environment and reduce consumer costs.

Plugg - key features

Plugg - key features

Plugg works by monitoring water drainage from every sink, shower, bath and household appliance to provide users an overview of their water consumption and costs. With a connected app, Plugg provides tips and advice on how both these factors can be reduced.

Blossom Christey-Bendit

I am a creative and forward thinking designer, motivated to solve real world problems through the design and innovation of products, services and systems.

I am driven by a desire to solve problems through the implementation of design and innovation. I strive to create user-centred solutions whilst keeping creativity, sustainability and longevity at the core. Within design my interests are drawn to sustainability, in particular how design can be used to implement and encourage behavioural change in order to solve some of the worlds biggest problems.


The benefits and challenges of wearable devices in the healthcare industry

Final year project

Fetal movement monitoring device - improving early identification of reduced fetal movement during pregnancy


'20 Diploma in Professional Studies
'17 Student Starpack Awards - Highly Commended


October 2018 - August 2019

Design Intern, Shore Design