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Modular footwear - semantics of repair

Modular footwear - semantics of repair

The semantics for the footwear aim to emphasise the modularity and repair. The goal is to create a nostalgic/emotional connection between product and user leading to a longer cycle of use.

Activity tracker - IofT

Activity tracker - IofT

Swimming coach and activity tracking device. A smart connected activity tracker providing actuate timing and live coaching feedback.

Retractable seating - year in industry

Retractable seating - year in industry

Assisting with the design, presentation and manufacture of retractable and fixed tiered seating structures.

Fixed tiering - year in industry

Fixed tiering - year in industry

Bespoke and custom designed fixed tiering to fit the client's space.

Alistair Thornton

A keen designer; enjoys problem solving, creating and testing innovative design solutions. Knowledgeable about many aspects of design and manufacturing process.

Studying Industrial design has given me a broad understanding of the design process and skills that have enhanced the speed and quality of my design outputs.

Designing solutions with an obvious purpose is what drives me as a designer, whether it be making products more sustainable or simply making a task easier.

Final year project

Semi-modular trail running footwear designed for ease of repair and reuse


'20 Diploma in Professional Studies


September 2018 - September 2019

Design Engineer - Draughtsman, CAD, Rendering, Specialists in Seating