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Functional prototype

Functional prototype

Functional prototype using Leap Motion sensor, JavaScript and Arduino to demonstrate how motion tracking technology built within the new lines of VR headsets works with the force and tactile feedback mechanisms within LOCUS.

Aesthetic prototype

Aesthetic prototype

An electromagnetic braking system was developed for force feedback, which incorporates pivoting bearings to allow left & right rotational movements of the finger, lacking in existing products.

“The opening was this big.” / “The object was here.”

“The opening was this big.” / “The object was here.”

Instead of the long process of describing a space in detail, the witness is able to directly interact with the 3D model, enchancing the performative aspects of a testimony.

Tactile feedback module breakdown

Tactile feedback module breakdown

Data collected to drive vibration motor at the fingertip.
1. Virtual surface.
2. Normal/bump map.
3. Height data.
4. Vibration intensity.

Phase one

Phase one

The device will be developed further in both its mechanical and interaction design, as well as connecting to an interactive 3D environment in Unity.

Adrian Leung

I am a forward-thinking designer with work that spans across disciplines from industrial design, to UI/UX, and motion graphics design.

I aspire to approach designing by understanding the narrative and user needs, pushing the boundaries of concepts and creating meaningful designs whilst keeping technology at the forefront of production, as well as visualising complex ideas in impactful and emotional ways.

My natural curiosity often leads to a desire to learn more and be as prolific as I can. Being a highly motivated worker, I am constantly aiming to expand my knowledge and skills in order to approach tasks through innovative methods.

During my placement year at 23RDC, I had the chance to work as a Motion Graphics Designer on projects for Nike, LG x Foster & Partners at Milan Design Week 2019, Illenium, Janet Jackson and more.

I am particularly interested in storytelling through design, which I hope to have the opportunity to do following graduation.


An investigation into the relationship between real-time rendering and the future of immersive visual experiences

Final year project

A haptic device for situated testimony within forensic architecture


'20 Diploma in Professional Studies
'18 Starpack (shortlisted)
'16 UK Space Design Competition, team leader in regional heat, finalist at Imperial College London


January 2019 - August 2019

Industrial & Motion Designer, Twenty Third C

June 2018 - December 2018

3D Artist, Wonder Vision