Degree Show 2018

Zoe Bryant

  • 17 Smallfry - Junior Designer
  • 18 Diploma in Professional Studies
  • 16 Academic Excellence Award
  • The challenges of facilitating design thinking for corporate innovation

New Designers 2018


Improving the safety of horse riders on the public highway

In the last 5 years alone, over 2,070 incidents involving horse riders and road traffic have been reported. These incidents can result in serious accidents, injury and even death. Currently within the UK market there are no detection devices specifically for horse riders, even though over 1.5 million riders report feeling unsafe on Britain’s roads.

Initially inspired by her own experience of horse riding, Zoe’s subsequent extensive research spurred her to action and lume was born. Utilising radar technology, this retrofit device fixes snugly onto English saddles, detecting vehicles and cyclists from up to 60m away. Upon detection, the device alerts the rider and the road user of each-others presence to reduce the likelihood of an accident.

The device is secured to the back of the saddle using two mechanisms for increased security, flexible enough to fit a wide range of saddle sizes. Inside the device, two angled radar sensors enable 180˚ detection of approaching vehicles, with the user being able to select from two detection modes depending on their chosen environment. In the first mode, ‘country’, the rear light panel, visible from the back of the saddle illuminates red when a vehicle is detected, alerting the road user of the rider ahead. A vibrating wristband worn by the rider will also activate for each detection, allowing sufficient time to move safely to the side.

In ‘city’ mode, each detection will activate the rear light, however the wristband will only vibrate when cars over 45mph or cyclists are detected. The device activates up to 5 seconds before the vehicles passes, enabling both road users to take preventative action if required.

Zoe’s passion for the product is clearly evident and she hopes to continue working on the project with an aim of taking it to market in the future.

Lume Animation