Degree Show 2018

Will Thomas

  • 17 Diageo - Student Visualisation Placement
  • 18 Design School Nominee for RSA Design Awards
  • 18 Diploma in Professional Studies
  • Virtual Reality for Concept Reviews - Present use and future potential

New Designers 2018

Gin Mill

Creating subtle craft gin flavours with a bar-top gin infusing device

Gin Mill is a bar-top gin infuser designed by Industrial Design and Technology student, Will Thomas. Will, originally from Cheshire, was inspired to create the product while visiting friends in London. On a night out, he noticed the wide variety of gin brands on offer, as well as the large number of people enjoying premium gin and tonics. After further investigation, it became clear that the increase in popularity of gin is posing challenges for some bars, as stocking a broad range of gin brands is not cost effective.

The device enables bartenders to simply and easily create customised gin infusions with the pull of a lever. It provides a unique multi-sensory experience for customers, enabling them to not only customise their drink, but also enjoy an infusion experience that can be seen, smelt, heard and tasted. It is simple enough to be used by bartenders with minimal training and sees potential markets from mid-level establishments upwards.

Gin Mill works in a few simple steps. The bartender places the standard gin and the customer’s chosen botanicals into a polycarbonate vessel, which is then attached to the main body of the device. The vessel is rotated for the customer to watch the process: a handle rises, which the bartender pulls to release compressed nitrogen into the vessel, forcing the gin to permeate the cells of the botanicals. This process allows the gin to absorb the essential oils and flavours. In a matter of seconds, a unique flavour has been created and the customer enjoys their personalised drink.

Will’s design is an exciting new take on the rise of experience driven consumerism, and although he has no plans to take the design any further at this point, he wishes to use his skills and experience to begin a successful career in industrial design.

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