Degree Show 2018

Philippe Ziya

  • 18 Freelance UX Design
  • 16 Design Engineer Auxtail Ltd
  • 18 Diploma in Professional Studies
  • Implications of consumer design in the early stages of product development

New Designers 2018


Improving the experience of drinking real ale

BSc Product Design student, Philippe Ziya has designed Tap, a real ale management system which minimises wastage. Philippe was inspired through working in pubs and bars since he was 18. He has watched over the years how these businesses waste ale due to a number of factors, including poor staff training and issues with the current design of the system.

Tap is a system that includes a smart ale pump which dispenses the beer, and an app which is connected to the line and till system to provide real time updates on how much is being sold and how much remains in the barrel.

From the customers point of view the device displays information via an OLED screen on the pump handle which shows them information about the ale on offer including how it has been made and flavours. This information can be updated by the bartender using the app.

The mobile app can be used by management to track the sales volume and stock levels of beer currently being sold. The app also provides notifications when beer is not selling well or when stock is low, providing recommendations on which beer to order next.