Degree Show 2018

Oliver James Jeffcott

  • 17 Huxlo - Design and Manufacturing Intern
  • 16 Pavegen - Consultant
  • 16 Pavegen - Designer
  • 18 Design School Nominee for RSA Design Awards
  • 17 Deloitte Digital UXathon - Best Branding
  • 17 Diploma in Professional Studies
  • A feasibility assessment of hybrid manufacturing for prototyping in SMDEs

Final Year Project

Enhancing wellbeing in urban homes through air purification & indoor plant cultivation

Atmos© alleviates the risks of indoor air pollution and its associated health effects through an automated three-stage filter process, chemically eliminating indoor air pollutants at a molecular level. Additionally, smart hydroponics technology enables users to grow a range of larger ornamental or culinary plants indoors with minimal knowledge and management.