Degree Show 2018

Mollie Meredith

  • 17 Bastion Collective - Graphic Designer
  • 16 ICS - Buisness Developer

Final Year Project

The redesign of snowshoes for snowboard touring

This project explores the issues relating to the use of snowshoes for touring snowboarders and explores users perceptions, habits, and opinions of the product to help access a more efficient, accessible snowshoe design.

Touring or ‘skinning’ is a challenging sport in which you first ascend the slope on skis before descending down it. Ski lifts today are what make the mountains accessible for all snow enthusiasts, however before lifts, the only ways to get up a mountain was to climb and hike. For snowboarders, it takes a great amount of effort to step through deep snow, having to push and lift your feet up every step of the way with a snowboard strapped to your back, along with other equipment. Riders can only access wilderness landscapes in ways, such as hiking, snowshoeing, and split boarding.

Unlike ski touring, having skins strapped onto a snowboard, doesn’t translate naturally like it does on skis in the process of touring uphill. The ability to move forward with a snowboard, the way you can with skis, is near impossible. So, for snowboarders, the use snowshoes, which are considered inferior to skins, can be used. However, there are many issues relating to the use of snowshoes for snowboarders which hinder their performance, enjoyment and efficiency of the sport.