Degree Show 2018

Luke Hannon

  • 17 PreistmanGoode - Design Intern
  • 18 Diploma in Professional Studies
  • An investigation into millennials expectations of the future of UK rail

New Designers 2018


Going into hospital can be a daunting experience for anyone, however, for young children the large amount of equipment, fast-paced environment and unusual sights and smells can be particularly challenging.

Inspired by a trip to a local hospital, Industrial Design and Technology student Luke Hannon, noticed that a lot of the children and nurses struggled to use current IV stands, where adult sizes are used as standard. This trip inspired Luke to look at alternative solutions and thus he came up with his novel design, IVO.

IVO is a child friendly intravenous (IV) stand that improves young children’s hospital experience, both from a practical and visual point of view. The product houses both the infusion pump and medication bag out of sight, with easy access for medical professionals. As well as keeping the medical equipment safe, its clever design doubles up as a ride on product, where the young user can scoot themselves or be pushed around, making safe movement more feasible.

Being designed with young children in mind, the coiled IV line means there is less chance of a painful pull on a cannula allowing the user to interact with it in a more relaxed care-free manner. Users can store toys in the base and use an integrated whiteboard to draw on, providing essential distraction from their treatment. The design is compatible with a range of compact infusion pumps and fits medication bags up to 1000ml in size, as well as a secondary bag of up to 500ml.

Luke is passionate about the product and although he has no immediate plans to develop it further, he has been enthused by the overwhelmingly reaction he has experienced during testing. He does however plan to pursue a career in design and use his skills to help people as much as he can.

IVO Animation