Degree Show 2018

Jordan Pearce

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  • 18 Diploma in Professional Studies
  • 17 Live Projects 1 Staff Top 5, DCA Winner
  • 16 O2 UX Entrepreneurship Shortlist
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New Designers 2018


Making blood transfusions more accessible at the scene of an accident

Product Design and Technology student, Jordan Pearce, has designed Apollo – a portable blood cooler intended to be used at major trauma accidents to enable blood transfusions.

Jordan was inspired when watching media coverage of the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, where he observed large numbers of people queuing to donate blood. After further investigation he discovered that around 35% of pre-hospital deaths after trauma accidents occur in relation to blood loss. Replacing blood as early as possible gives a major blood loss patient the greatest chance of survival.

The product keeps blood at 4°C by regulating the temperature in three separate pods in which packs of blood can be stored. After being pre-cooled, the blood is transferred to the device which can stay in an emergency vehicle for up to 30 days. An LCD screen on top of the device ensures that the medics know the condition of the blood and by when it needs to be used. The device ensures correct bloodstock rotation to prevent any wastage of this valuable commodity. Pods light up on opening to ensure transfusion can take place even in low visibility environments. The product is also modular to allow it to be cleaned and maintained easily by medical staff.

In comparison to current portable blood storage products, this design can treat more patients as contamination risk is removed, it prolongs blood freshness and provides up to date feedback to the medical staff, making the logistics of a ‘blood on board’ vehicle easier to manage.

Jordan currently has no plans to take the product forward, but would like to develop a successful career as a designer. He enjoys working on a variety of products and hopes one day to own his own business.

Functional Prototype of Apollo