Degree Show 2018

Joff Bullock

  • 17 Lifemarque – Product Designer
  • 18 Design School Nominee for RSA Design Awards
  • 18 Diploma in Professional Studies
  • The workload of LDS students and its impact on grades, satisfaction and wellbeing

New Designers 2018


Changing the perception of informal settlements by clearing waste and providing sanitation

San is a clever device that turns waste plastic into pipework for sanitation in slums. Designed by Joff Bullock, the device is the accumulation of a year’s work which was inspired by Joff’s research into life in slums after the Haiti earthquake in 2010. The flexibility of the design means it can easily be used by aid agencies and charities in other informal settlement situations across the world.

Lack of support for these informal settlements means infrastructure such as waste removal and sanitation is often lacking. Resources are finite and often poor quality so charities struggle to implement cost effective amenities; the most important being sanitation. The device uses waste plastic, often found strewn across informal settlements, to make 1 meter lengths of plastic pipe which can be used for gravity fed septic tanks. It has been designed to be used by un-skilled labourers, in any environment, helping to clean up the settlement, bring sanitation and reduce the spread of disease as quickly as possible.

The device works by loading shredded plastic into a hopper and closing the lid. Once switched on, the device melts the plastic which is then used to fill a mould. Once cooled, the pipe can be removed from the mould and reused again. The design is self-cleaning and has preset temperatures, making the manufacturing process quick and easy to complete. The device can be maintained and repaired on-site using basic tools and affordable parts. The size of pipe can also be tailored to the individual needs of the charity.

Joff has worked closely with industry experts and charities across the world to realise his design. Once he graduates he hopes to share the plans of the pipe mould with the online Precious Plastics recycling community to encourage further development and implementation.