Degree Show 2018

Ellie Bainton

  • 17 - Cambridge Consultants – Design Intern
  • 18 - Diploma in Professional Studies
  • 18 - iF Award - Cambridge Consultants
  • 17 - iF Award - Cambridge Consultants
  • To what extent do designers employ gender assumptions within a consumer products design?

New Designers 2018


Aiding the process of IVF drug delivery treatment

Industrial Design and Technology student, Ellie Bainton, has designed Ava – an in vitro fertilisation (IVF) drug delivery system designed to make complicated medication processes easier and reduce the pain associated with the use of syringes or injection pens.

Current methods for IVF drug delivery require the user to administer different medications several times a day into different injection sites on the abdomen. This can lead to a bruised and painful body. The medication schedule changes continuously throughout the course of the treatment and the multiple medications can become confusing to prepare, particularly as the users are usually on a stressful and emotional journey.

In essence the design features three key products that work seamlessly together to manage, prepare and administer the correct medication at the correct time for the user. These products – an app, a console and a drug delivery device – utilise the latest technology to make the process as easy and stress free as possible. Up to two medication vials can be placed directly into the drug delivery device, reducing the complicated medication preparation for the user. The administration of the drugs has also been improved with the use of insulin port technology that attaches to the abdomen; decreasing the number of injection sites from up to fifty to just four over a two-week period, making it more comfortable for the user.

The increased connectivity also reduces stress as the device monitors usage and reminds users through a console vibration alert when to administer the treatment. It also links directly back to healthcare professionals who can manage the treatment remotely and communicate with the patient between appointments.

Ellie has really enjoyed developing Ava across her final year and she hopes to pursue a successful career within a design consultancy, working on a range of interesting and exciting projects.

Ava Animation