Degree Show 2018

Devika Menon

  • 17 LFSC Event Loughborough- Graphic Designer
  • 16 Infineon - Disruptive Innovation Intern
  • 15 UNITECH Intl. Programme Participant
  • 18 Diploma in International Studies
  • 17 WomEng Unilever Leadership Fellowship
  • IoT and security: privacy and safety in the time of mass surveillance and hacking

Final Year Project

Footwear cleaning and maintenance device

Footwear is an essential part of peoples wardrobes and a gap in the market for a product that combined all the functions of brushing, washing, drying and sanitizing of footwear into one device is what led to the development of this device. It eases the process of maintaining footwear whilst also helping to prolong its life.