Degree Show 2018

Chloe Poulter

  • 18 LDS - Degree Show Team
  • 18 University Alumni Fundraiser - Caller
  • 16 IBM UK - User Experience Designer
  • 17 South East Museums Hack Winning Team
  • 15 UK Student Packaging Designer of the Year
  • 13 Proskills' MakeIT! Best Design Image
  • CAD for modelling and analysis of urtica dioica (stinging nettle) trichomes

Final Year Project

A childrens camera: nurturing photographic artistry through reflective play

The ages 0-7 childrens camera market is saturated with cameras augmenting the photography experience with the games and entertainment kids look for across all digital devices. This project developed a camera which redirected attention toward the science behind photography, bringing learning back to the centre stage, encouraging experimentation and the development of personal style.