Degree Show 2018

Charlotte Wilton

  • 17 Pavegen - Design Engineer
  • 16 Design School Researcher - Water filtration device for India
  • 13 APS - Design Intern
  • 17 Diploma in Professional Studies
  • To what extent could a safer electric vehicle replace motorbike taxis in Kenya?

New Designers 2018


Improving lives of rough sleepers

Whilst volunteering for two years with the homeless charity Crisis, final year student Charlotte Wilton contemplated how the critical needs of the homeless population were not being met. This encouraged her to design b, a product and service designed to improve the lives of rough sleepers by reducing vulnerability and isolation at its source.

b is a hand-held device to be donated to the homeless that works within the community in three ways. Bluetooth connects passersby to the rough sleepers in their area via an app, encouraging social connections and interactions, bridging the societal gap and reducing mental health issues caused by loneliness. It provides a personal high frequency alarm system for the homeless, enhancing feelings of security and protection. Finally, it provides a new donation platform where the public are able to perform electronic donations – an important issue in our increasingly cashless society. These can be performed either through the app remotely, or through a contactless interaction between the mobile phone and the device. Donations link to an individuals account managed by the charity, allowing funds to be redeemed responsibly in the form of food, shelter, education or even be allocated to savings towards a housing deposit.

This hand held device is accompanied by a wall mounted hub to be situated in accessible points throughout cities. This hub allows the rough sleeper to fully recharge the device as well as providing the opportunity to check the balance on their account. A touch screen interface allows the user to visually decide in what form they want to redeem credits (e.g. 3 nights in a shelter, or 7 meals) and from which locations they can collect them.

Charlotte is passionate about designing for real world problems and hopes to work within the international humanitarian sector to bring solutions to those who need it most.