Degree Show 2018

Callum McStay

  • 17' Metaphase - Design and Ergonomics Placement
  • '17 Diploma in Professional Studies
  • '13 Best Design Project Award (A-levels)

Final Year Project

An evaluation of the self-service checkout (SSC) scanning and bagging process to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries

SSC’s are an attractive to retailers due to their little cost, therefore are on the increase in shops. This has caused a shift of responsibility for scanning and processing groceries, implying that customers are increasingly required to carry out this process by themselves. These machines appear to have some benefits for the customer but at what cost to the customer?

The evaluation will investigate the potential musculoskeletal issues associated with the process of scanning and bagging shopping. Solely the SSC’s designs used in Loughborough (UK) supermarkets will be assessed. The evaluation will take into consideration range of statures to ensure a breadth of human dimensions are reviewed for accommodation.

The report will compromise a detailed assessment of the potential musculoskeletal risks associated with using a self-service checkout. The report will additionally include design recommendations and guides based on the findings of this evaluation.

The findings of this evaluation will not compromise sales or the use of the SSC. Rather they will be instructive in making SSC’s more accessible and strain free for customers, which would increase customer satisfaction and therefore benefit sales.