Degree Show 2018

Benjamin Ward

  • 17 Nissan - Research and Development Placement
  • 18 Diploma in Professional Studies

Final Year Project

The effects of modern day smartphone use on a person’s posture and its potential to create musculoskeletal injuries

Will text neck become a future injury epidemic that could burden the future generations?

The recent prevalence of excessive smartphone usage in today’s society is expected to create detrimental effects on a user’s posture. The postures adopted when operating a smartphone could result in dangerous long-term musculoskeletal damage. The strain implemented on a person’s body whilst using a phone generally occurs outside of the workplace. Therefore, occupational laws do not apply, and the user does not have to comply with any standard or postural guidelines to prevent injury. The ergonomic study into the effects and extent of the harm users implement on themselves, is reason enough for an extensive study. The project determined the most likely age group to be affected by musculoskeletal injury by analysing the harmful postures adopted and the duration of smartphone use by a varying age demographic. An estimated result of how many people are likely to be affected by musculoskeletal injury from smartphone use will be produced to judge the extent of the issue. The area of study also could foresee a potential increase of the problem globally due to rising use of technology around the world. The project outcome includes postural guidelines to smartphone usage and a possible method for preventing injury occurrence to the masses of users. To conclude the study, an investigation into the future of mobile phone design and the steps the market is currently taking to resolve these issues for customers benefit was conducted. The study gives a conclusive argument for implementing procedures to improve smartphone user’s health in the long-term.