Degree Show 2018

Archie O’Brien

  • 17 Studio-Novo - Vienna
  • What is an acceptable cost to travel 50km using VTOL for users aged 18-25?

New Designers 2018


Underwater jet pack

CUDA is an underwater jetpack offering the experience of ultimate freedom, whether it be gliding through the converging tectonic plates in the crystal clear waters of Iceland or off the coast of Bora Bora being accepted into a pod of wild dolphins. Flying weightlessly through the water is far from anything you’ve done before.

A love for adrenalin, exploration and nature inspired the final year student, Archie O’Brien, to embark on a journey of design in underwater propulsion devices. He quickly discovered the current offerings on the market were either too slow or too expensive and weigh over 30kg making them cumbersome for travel.

Moving with elegance or seeking thrills in the ocean, the respect for nature is never lost as you become part of the marine life. With its own patented propulsion system CUDA is the fastest Underwater Jetpack in the world, whilst remaining easily portable between dive sites.

Rechargeable batteries have allowed the coexistence of technology and nature, where the user can interact without damaging the marine life. It also allows the quick replacement of batteries for continuous use, ideal when being rented out by a water sports shop or being used by a professional film crew.

Archie has plans to develop the product further before building a brand. Over the years, releasing several products in the market, his aim in the future is to become the market leader in recreational propulsion water sports. He hopes to push the technology and challenge what is currently possible and looks forward to seeing what individuals make of new opportunities.