Degree Show 2018

Alyce Kohler

  • 18 Go Get Glitter - Graphic Designer
  • 17 Adidas - Creative Direction Design Intern
  • 17 NPW - Graphic Design & Packaging Intern
  • 17 Live Projects Shortlisted by Design School Staff
  • 17 Diploma in Professional Studies
  • 17 Global Studio Worldwide Project
  • The extent to which branded and unbranded product packaging represents product quality

Final Year Project

Making personalised energy bars in the home

The mass production and trend based platform of snacking has developed key issues, leading to obesity, misinformed information and subliminal marketing tricks. The energy bar maker allows users to create their own healthy snacks right at home. By controlling portion sizes and personalising ingredients, snacking doesn’t have to be a negative day-to-day habit.