Degree Show 2018

Alice Coey

  • 18 Erasmus UK Ambassador
  • 17 VanBerlo - Industrial Designer
  • 17 TU Delft - Exchange
  • 18 Diploma in International Studies
  • 17 Deloitte Digital UXathon - Best Branding
  • 17 Ford Hackathon - Winning Team
  • Bridging the gap between the creative outputs of hackathon events, and design success

Final Year Project

Domestic bioreactor for the cultivation and harvesting of edible algae

Spirulina is one of the most energy efficient, protein-rich, natural food sources known to man. By enabling users to grow, harvest, and experiment with Spirulina as an active ingredient in meals, it is hoped that algae will increasingly be seen as a credible protein alternative.